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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2009|09:19 pm]
oh hi

I accidentally logged in.

ow are you?
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the nice [Nov. 13th, 2008|07:18 pm]
People are doing this for Sasha and I.  touching.  (copied from psy forums)

BBQ Stomp & Fundraiser this Sunday @ Perry Park

 BBQ Fundraiser Stompalicious!!

....noise provided so BRING YA TOYS ;~)

(thongs and boardies welcome)

There are moments when the community we are part of, and care for can come together to help out some of its members that has done the same for us in the past time and time again.

To this end, Speaker Huggers, friends from Ixchel and REGEN would like to invite everyone to perry park for some sunshine and some stomping tunes.

Delecious BBQ goods will be availiable and donations will be accepted to show our support, strength and unity as a community.


About 2 months ago - some very special peoples home was fire damaged beyond repair by a freak unexpected fire.

Lucky for us the house at the time only contained there possessions.

So the good news is that these integral members of our scene that have given everything to it are safe and sound and finally into a new home.

Lets celebrate their new begining and help them to stomp of the ashes.

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(no subject) [Nov. 12th, 2008|10:09 pm]
Patricia Piccinini's  Related Individuals exhibition opened at the Roslyn Oxley9 gallery today. I adore her work.


This solo exhibition includes a selection of new and recent works, including the Australian premieres of two substantial new figurative sculptures: 'Doubting Thomas' and 'The Long Awaited'. While predominantly sculpture, the exhibition also features the first public presentation of Patricia's latest video work 'The Gathering'.

Roslyn Oxley9 Galleries
8 Soudan Lane (off Hampden St)
Paddington NSW 2021
tel: 02 9331 1919

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Note to Baz- don't stuff up! [Nov. 5th, 2008|06:24 pm]
Close to 3more hrs on the phone with Citibank today. Finally go onto an Australian rep. Problem was then fixed in 8 mins, with the exact result all the other operators told me was impossible, ie. direct transfer into my account, full refund of all fees and an reason for the stuff up.

They then offered me a direct contact, so I could keep my account open and not deal with offshore call centers. So, I asked how many staff where in this country, answer 25. I said no thanks, I may have a line to decent customer service, but all your other account holders don't.


lesson is, don't give up.

Total time wasted = nearly 5hrs..Including a trip to the post office to present ID, which I later discovered was not needed.

again Citibank for the win!! in the back way

GO BAZ!! I did a happen dance. I like to imagine redneck heads exploding right now.
Makes me all excited and teary, the way I got about Kev. I like hope, I like community, I like it when people get together. Now Baz, be good.
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stupid stupid stupid Citibank [Nov. 4th, 2008|06:33 pm]
How the hell does a bank cheque bounce? and why do I have to pay dishonour fees for it bouncing?

Chirst on a bike!!

Now I have to submit a written request for the cheque to be reissued, along with 100 pts of ID, which I have to get verified at a Post Office as well as a copy of my other bank statement showing the deposit and dishonour fee to stupidbank before I can get the cheque reissued.

Took me 1hr 18mins to get that information on the phone. Pity the banking ombudsman is in VIC an on a public holiday today, or I would have spent more time on the phone.

Thing is I closed the account because of poor customer service. Citibank for the win!
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(no subject) [Nov. 2nd, 2008|01:35 pm]
I'm a bit over it all.
My cat is clearly insane and I am in dire need of a haircut.
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(no subject) [Oct. 28th, 2008|06:23 pm]
today's request is courtesy of my partners credit card bill. After much pleading I've offered to help get him out of debt. Never trust a hippy.

Anyone know who is offering a zero or low interest on balance transfers for a credit card, right now? I normally just watch out for the ads on TV, but have no TV plugged in right now.

Also wanting a health fund offering immediate cover, if you know of one


ps. thinking about compiling a map of the best street pie places in Sydney, there are some gems out there.
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(no subject) [Oct. 27th, 2008|03:15 pm]
new user pics is rather annoying, but illustrates the only way I'd be able to do a decent visual show nowadays,

Things must be getting better, Aldi no longer fulls me with fear.

Street faeries were very kind in Balmain last night, we found.

1 wooden bed frame
2 sets of drawers
small bookcase

Bed just needed 2 screws, which was very easy given the BOX of cordless drills I found the other night. Last night was the first time we have sleep in a raised bed in months. Bedroom looks smaller, had such a good night sleep.

The drawers are fine, just needed a clean. Which, given my new knowledge of industrial cleaning chemicals, took maybe 15mins.

I did however have to buy coat hangers today. When to Victoria's Basement warehouse sale, but couldn't bring myself to buy anything, have to be so very careful with cash. Did want to buy a Bunnykins plate.. Rang my mum to ask whatever happened to my bunnykins plate, she didn't answer.

Now I am flagging, but there is so much to do.
tail still hurts, a lot. Harder to ignore. Did find a place in Marrickville Metro that sells Salonpas, will give that a go. Salonpas is truly great.
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(no subject) [Oct. 26th, 2008|02:37 pm]
I've chipped my tail bone. That will happen for I am Damage. Nothing I can do about but swear. Hurts, but I'm going to ignore it.

hea! People are kind.

Yesterday I realised that someone have swiped a heap of my prescription medicine, for recreational, selfish purposes. Today, someone gave me one of his. No point in being narky at the bad, I'm reassured by the generous.

The good continues, how nice is it that friends of friends arrive at my house with a trailer full of stuff, that I need? Very nice I say.

Today I went stuff collecting. We now have:

- mattress!! (major joy after sleeping on the floor for 3 months!)
- bed linen (woot! clean sheets! double woot! hello kitty sheets!)
- towels
- A vase (which I will use to start collating my rocks)
- a fridge!! go the cold! spent the last 2 hrs cleaning it, I'm so good at cleaning.
- a wok
- a coffee machine thingo (so good as I can now bribe sasha out of bed to lift things with more ease)
- A toasty sandwich maker.
- loads of glass jars (sasha will sort his shed bits into these)
- box of latex gloves (always handy)

Yesterday - a mind bogglingly kind random action resulted in
- large bookcase
- small bookcase
- fairy table (which this puter id sitting on now)
- 2 lounge chairs (again in use now. I'm going to recover and funky then up when/if my sewing machine gets going)
- a yoga ball, which is bliss for my sore butt butt
- assorted linen and pillows.. Enjoyed those pillowcases last night.
- 2! boxes of kitchen stuff, most of which went straight to the pool room.
- shoes and boots!! for my feet, nice comfy ones.

- a old puter was built for us out of various parts, it works! now I have the internets.
- a big old telly (works, just takes 10mins to warm up)

and from the street fairies -
- small set of drawers
- two very large god paintings (I'll use the frames to hang some funky textiles in)
- 2 box sets of ally mcbeal DVD's (hea, I'm starved of entertainment - the street fairies will get them back)
- old, but workable wardrobe
- large church pew style bench (perfect for veranda..when its fixed)
- hang of new, sealed, padded coat hangers.
- 2 brand new, taped and sealed floor rugs.

Most likely have forgotten stuff. the quest of stuff continues, guess I'm being needy. Reached the point a while again where I said "bugger it, I just have to face the reality that I need help" and the surprising thing is that people help. Makes me all reassured.

House destroyed at the start of August, is nearly November. Wonder when this sentence of hard labour will end? At least I've gotten fitter, much fitter, growing muscles even. Funny how people keep saying that I'm looking really good, when I've lost weight from stress, gotten fit from working so hard and learnt how to develop panic attacks. good diet. yeah, but no..Meh, you just have to accept what comes or it will drive you mad.

reckon I need a nanna nap..Nawh, I'm going to finish scrubbing the fridge and try and find my little cat. either that or nap. Who can tell?

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stuff!! [Oct. 24th, 2008|09:29 pm]
we have a house
I have the internets
I have a large amount of kitten hair, and a rowdy and excitable cat
luky i like camping, cos its kinda like that. Only in a house.

I'm now actively collecting stuff. any stuff. Stuff for house. Stuff for puters, stuff for studio.

We are right near reverse garabe (again), so I figure the best thing for me to do is ask "do you have any spare stuff' any any doubles or extras can go to revers garbage or the bower.

So, do you have any spare stuff? or possibly stuff that doesn't quite work, Sasha c fix most things?

I have a little car, so can do pick ups, but time is precious so I can't drive to far...sometimes we get the work van, but its random. Or you can could visit and marvel at the stack of smelly belongings in the garage.

We kinda need everything, from clothes pegs to network cables, to books (my books!!), you name it.

So...got any stuff.? :)
I promise i shan't burn this house down.
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